Video installation 18’
projector, screen, paper and wood.

AMBIDEXTROUS is a video installation made of two synchronized screens divided in chapters. Each chapter address the intertwinement between text and image through a different angle, by consequence the work explores the blending of seeing and reading. The stools are made of piles of paper and wood, that invite the viewers/readers to occupy a middle term position, not on the floor neither on a standard seat.

On ‘Quoting hand’ the big screen projects an excerpt of a video lecture given by Canadian artist Moyra Davey when she explains how she started writing. On the small screen my hands imitate her gestures on a reproduction of the same scenario. (Images of virtual simulation of the two screens when installed)

On ‘So, I had this dream’, the big screen remains black while an androgynous voice reads a text about feelings of displacement, insecurity, violence, restlessness, safety and being a woman. A video of a girl trying to remove a cast with a kitchen knife, hosts the eyes of the viewer in the small screen. A dog walks around the girl.

On ‘Gelezen en goedgekeurd’, the contract term in Dutch that means ‘I understand and agree’ is spelled on the small screen while the big screen spells, also in sync, a movement through the frames of a video. Contracts in Flanders traditionally need not only to be signed but to bear this term handwritten by the one who signs.

On ‘Poetry’, the big screen shows a frame with photos in front of a window, a codified text is typed as a subtitle for the video. The small screen shows one photo per sentence, allowing a closer look on the images and the overlap of a cut and hair line on it.

On ‘Porquê’ a voice over explains the Portuguese word ‘Porquê’ that through slight written variations (Por que, Por quê, Porque and Porquê) can mean both ‘Why’ and ‘Because’. The big screen draws a diagram that explains how this grammatical openness between cause and consequence is a proposition of ambidexterity, in the sense that answers can operate as questions and questions can operate answers.

Images of the installation on KIOSK, Ghent, 2018.


Video instalação 18’
projetor, tela, papel e madeira.

AMBIDEXTROUS é uma video instalação feita com duas telas sincronizadas e divididas em capítulo. Cada capítulo fala sobre o entrelaçamento entre o texto e a imagem através de um angulo diferente, por consequência o trabalho explora a fusão entre ver e ler. Os bancos são feitos de pilhas de papéis e madeira, convidando o público a ocupar uma posição de meio termo, nem no chão e nem numa cadeira.

Imagens da instalação no KIOSK, Ghent, 2018.