Performance and drawing

Me Tu Nós They is a device for a group performance:

1- One-by-one recorded conversations about language with the participants
2- Editing and re-record excerpts
3- Activation of the work by the same participants of the interviews: wearing headphones (in which they can hear someone’s edited interview) and holding a microphone, they need to repeat what they hear to an audience. the outcome ‘text’ of the performance is never firm, as if it carries between the floppy layers of translation the openness of meaning.

The core of the work is sharing experience through the exercise of sharing language and voice. The outcome ‘text’ is never firm and steady, as if it carries on itself the floppy layers of translation, the openness of meaning, the gesture of highlighting what we gain and what we loose when our expectations are drained into slits.

This is an example of the dispositive’s outcome on a 2016 Affect's residents in Berlin. Thanks to: Ally Bishop, Anya Yermakova, Del Hardin Hoyle, Dori Magyar, Femke Fredrix, Jana Pacheco, Kate Chen, Laura Genevieve Jones, Lorenzo Sandoval, María Cerón, Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic, Michael Jevon Demps, Paula Querido Van Erven, Paz Ponce, So Hee Kim, Sophia Schultz and Sophie Kitson.