Spelling P is a video-installation that addresses language from the perspective of its units: characters and sounds. The piece departed from a story the artist had with a parking lot during an art residency, turned into a text that tells this anecdote among other images, pausing every now and then for a word to be spelled. The act of spelling is about language as a happening on time, about pausing the chain of meaning to look closely to one piece at a time, opening up another text between characters, about time, about presence, choices and pauses. In Spelling P, recounting an anecdote serves as the starting point to examine the linguistic patterns and rhythms underlying language and space.

Images of Spelling P in 019, Ghent, curated by De Cleene De Cleene, May 2019.

In the Body of the text
Text by Pauline Hatzigeorgiou for the exhibition.